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It's such a delight story of their night rendezvous; leading to bitter/sweet fate of Evelyn and "her" demons....

The bonus stories sure break my heart as hurt as Evelyn's (T^T)

Thanks a lot for you comment! You summarized the whole game really well! It was supposed to have no real good ending, because some stories can't "always" end well, in some situations only bittersweetness is left.

Thanks a lot for playing our game!! :)

I really enjoyed playing this game, I really found the characters interesting, and I actually would have wished it was longer XD; (Though I have only played to one ending)

But really really good still!

I did a playthrough on YouTube where I got to one of the endings. And at one hand I want to make videoes with all the endings, but I also want to leave some for the viewers to explore :)

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OMG thank you so much for making a playthrough!!! :D :D We'll watch it toroughly to know which route you took first and what ending you got! Do you mind if we share it on Twitter or Tumblr?

Indeed we didn't manage to make it seem longer, tho since it was a first game we wanted to be careful, too prudent. We'll take your advice to heart and try to make our next games last longer! :)

Thanks a lot for playing this game!!!!!!

You are very welcome to share it :)

I am really happy to hear that :D I am so excited for your next game <3

Thanks a lot for making it XD I loved it :)

Even though the description says the aim of the game was to "set a minimum quality the team would stick with", I still think you guys did a great job. Although it was short, I was very charmed by characters. I liked the non-humans better and thought they were a lot more developed and likable than Evelyn was. However, it's not to say Evelyn wasn't a well made character. I was just a lot more intrigued by the others. The art was nice, and I appreciate how even for a short visual novel, you incorporated many CGs,choices, and endings. I'm excited to see what else you create! (P.S. Can it be another demon related love story? I'm a pretty big sucker for those...just saying >w<) Keep up the good work! :D

Hi there, Momo-chan ! =D

Thanks a lot for the comment, it was really touching (as we sometimes have difficulties with Midnights Café, for it is our very first game haha). Your really nice comment is very encouraging, so thanks a lot!

Evelyn wasn't the most developed character, we had many feedbacks on that point but it's great if you liit didn't prevent you from liking the game and the other characters! (Who's your fav'? *curious*)

I won't lie, right now we're working on another game that isn't demon-related (Schizo-Valentine, we have a topic on LemmaSoft Forum ;-) ), but we do have demon-related stories in mind (*cough cough* french museum *cough cough* lonely demon *cough cough* probably an Asmodée-cameo *cries* I want to work on that one already). We quite liked working on fantasy as well!

Thanks again for your comment, it was very sweet! Thank you! =')

Hi there and happy new year! :)

You're very welcome! I love posting comments of encouragement to game developers because I really appreciate the wonderful free games you guys make that I can count on to enjoy! I hope it can continue you and your team to work hard and produce quality games for a lot of people to enjoy.

My favorite character is actually the bartender... He seemed so mysterious in the game, and I was dying to know more about him. Later when there was the back story included I totally fell for his character. I hope to maybe hear more on him. I wish he participated more in the game :)

Omg those all sound amazing, and I can't wait to play them! And when I do I will obviously make sure to comment and let you know what I thought! I'm sure they're gonna be great! <3

Happy new year to you too! =D

As an amateur gamedev I can totally assure you that we're always overjoyed to receive comments (that's basically our fuel when passion is brewing)!

Ooh, The bartender? He's also the writer's fave character! At first he had a route but it couldn't be done for the game... It's a bit of a shame though. We'll keep him in mind for cameos or short stories (I mean, why not? If Asmodée appears, or even if we make a prologue to Midnight's Café, it would totally make sense to give him a more prominent role!)

You're too sweet and supportive, I'm melting in front of my screen (◍˃̵͈̑ᴗ˂̵͈̑) Thanks a lot! We'll make sure not to disappoint you, then! =D =D